Yoncé is a Queen Bey inspired color scheme and UI theme tailored for programming.

Made for terminal emulators, code editors, and syntax highlighters including Visual Studio Code, iTerm, Slack, Bash-It and more.

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July 2018

  • Development
  • Design

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⚓️ TL;DR

Yoncé is a color scheme and customized user interface theme for Visual Studio Code, Bash, Slack and many other apps. The goal of Yoncé is to unify your apps to reduce noise and context switching, letting you focus on your work.

I started making Yoncé because I couldn't find a color scheme that felt "right" to me. I wanted something that combined two of my favorite things: Beyoncé and the color pink.

⚓️ VS Code

A professional theme with hand-picked & bold colors for your VS Code editor. Based on Monokai and optimized for use with the Dank Mono font.

⚓️ Bash

Besides a code editor, a terminal is an engineers most used tool. I wanted to create a terminal prompt that introduced a little delight into my day.

This prompt requires Bash-It and adds several enchancements to the terminal. These include:

  • Clever hostname, username, and directory displaying;
  • Current Git branch and rich repo status;
  • Current Node.js version, through nvm<;/li>
  • Current battery level and status;
  • Time stamps 24hr in format; and
  • a random Beyoncé lyric!