Formation is a script to set up a macOS laptop for design and development.

After having to setup a new laptop one too many times, I decided to automate the process to make my life easier.

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July 2018

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⚓️ TL;DR

Formation is the first of my Beyoncé-themed side projects. The inspiration came when I was listening to "Formation" while I was working on the script. I made a joke about "getting my laptop in formation" and everything else fell into place.

⚓️ Swag

The /swag directory consists of all the applications that are installed by the script. The installation mechanisms are broken down into the following types: the Apple App Store, Homebrew, and NPM.

⚓️ Hot Sauce

I got hot sauce in my bag, swag!

Beyoncé, Formation

Users can add their own customizations in ~/.hot-sauce, a special file that is ran at the end of every Formation. An example ~/.hot-sauce might look like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

step "Making directories…"
for dir in $DIRECTORIES; do
    mkd $dir

step "Symlinking dotfiles…"
link_file $SLAY_ALIASES $HOME/.bash_it/aliases/
link_file $SLAY_COLORLS $HOME/.config/colorls
link_file $SLAY_SSH_CONFIG $HOME/.ssh/