My Story

I’m a front-end architect with a passion for the web, Sass, social media & typography. Currently living & loving in Brooklyn, New York.

Like most creatives, I’m likely to buy something that’s in a pretty box, even if I don’t need it. Likewise, I’ll refuse to work with a business with a poorly-designed website, or (gasp) no website at all.

People ♥ Me

"She's an incredibly talented and knowledgeable front end developer and a true asset to our company."
Johnathan Tebeau, co-worker
"She has not disappointed. Her work is among the best I've seen."
Maximo Patino, client

Written by me

Press Features

Skills I Know

  • Responsive design & mobile-first principles
  • Standards-compliant, semantic HTML5
  • Well-organized CSS3
  • Preprocessing with Sass & Compass
  • Graceful degradation & progressive enhancement
  • Grids, layout, typography, & color theory
  • Image editing & graphic design
  • Source versioning with Git
  • Understanding of usability testing
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Design HTML email campaigns
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Copywriting & content strategy

Skills I Can Grow

  • WordPress theme development
  • JavaScript development, including jQuery library
  • Database & server-side technologies: PHP & MySQL