httbey is a collection of Beyoncé GIFs that represent specific HTTP status codes.

I wanted to create a fun side project that showcased my favorite artist, Beyoncé. Inspired by HTTP Status Cats by Tomomi Imura.

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July 2018

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⚓️ TL;DR

Most people only know one HTTP response status code: 404. We've all seen it at one point. But I wanted to learn about the lesser known codes. And then I decided to do what I always do: add a little Bey to the mix to make it fun.

Once I got a complete list of all the HTTP response status codes, I used my extensive research skills (i.e. Google and Giphy) to find a GIF of Beyoncé that I felt represented the meaning of the code.

⚓️ Notes


  1. An HTTP status code is a server response to a browser's request.