What A Difference A Year Makes

Around this time last year, I was working in a job I hated, doing work I didn't believe in. I was unmotivated, uninspired and unhappy.

Then I attended the Front-End Design Conference. While I had attended this conference before, the second time around I was more engaged, both with the talks and with the people. It was amazing to see so many people doing what they love; what I love.

The speakers were inspiring. The people were supportive. The weekend was unforgettable.

When I returned home, I was more determined that ever make a change in my life. I started doing more research, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts and watching instructional videos. I absorbed any and everything to do with web design and development. In the weeks that followed, I landed my first job in the web industry. And I was thrilled.

Last week, I gave my first presentation at this year's Front-End Design Conference. I was terrified to do so, but the encouragement I received from my friends in the community, many of whom I met at the conference, helped me get past my fear. The subsequent positive responses I have received have been flattering, overwhelming and humbling.

So I wanted to say thank you. To all my indirect teachers, to my colleagues, to my friends. To conference organizers and speakers. To all of you who helped make it possible for me to do what makes me come alive. I get to make the interwebs. And that's awesome.

I'm Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' front-end architect in Dallas, TX. I founded the Dallas chapter of Girl Develop It & DFW Sass. I love conferences; I co-organize Front Porch & give talks all over.

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