Me, Brooklyn & Hillary

Earlier this year, I tweeted:

I didn't know how right I was.

I've spent the last few months working at IBM Design. It's a great organization full of very smart people doing transformative work within the company. I've truly enjoyed my time there and the people I have met.

In the spirit of that, it's with much respect for my colleagues at IBM Design and excitement that I announce: In a few weeks, I will be heading to Brooklyn to join the front-end team for Hillary for America, Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

I'll be teaming with a group of incredibly talented people, which include: Stephanie Hannon, former Director of Product Management at Google, and the first female CTO of a major presidential campaign; and Kyle Rush, who headed the optimization efforts for Obama's 2012 campaign.

This also means I will be vacating a spot at IBM Design, so if you're seeking a new gig in Austin, you should definitely apply.

Or perhaps you'd like to join me in Brooklyn?

I'm very excited for what is sure to be one of the best, most stressful, exhilarating and challenging experiences of my career.

And, just maybe, I'll help elect a president.

I'm Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' front-end architect in Dallas, TX. I founded the Dallas chapter of Girl Develop It & DFW Sass. I love conferences; I co-organize Front Porch & give talks all over.

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