Girl Crush: Jenn Lukas

Girl Crush is a monthly feature which profiles awesome female creative/techie types I admire (and whom I may or may not want to bed).

The Facts
Why she's awesome:

Jenn is by far the most energetic person I have ever met. I'm pretty sure she has Red Bull running through her veins.

Earlier this year, Jenn, along side with Yesenia Perez-Cruz, launched Ladies in Tech, a site that encourages women in the tech industry to become speakers and further engage in the community. Recently I took this sentiment to heart and gave my first talk ever at a conference.

In addition, Jenn was named one of Mashable’s 15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter. She also writes for The Nerdary, has a regular column in .net magazine and was a contributor to The 2012 Pastry Box Project.

Plus, her energy is so awesome it's been known to kill the power of a building.

Ummm... "Girl Crushes"?

CNN defines a girl crush as "part jealousy, part admiration," and I agree. I love women who are uncompromising, whether it be in there professional or personal lives. I admire fierceness, intelligence and talent. The women in this feature embody that and more.

I'm Mina Markham, a Sass-lovin' front-end architect in Dallas, TX. I founded the Dallas chapter of Girl Develop It & DFW Sass. I love conferences; I co-organize Front Porch & give talks all over.

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